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Steve is a native Arizonan and is an Air Force veteran who served honorably for 12 years, including tours of duty in Iraq and Central America. He has worked as a nuclear policy expert, an emergency management expert, and even spent time in retail management. His education includes a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management, a FEMA certification in Continuity of Operations, a Master’s degree in English, and is finishing his dissertation for a Doctorate in Business with a focus in Cybersecurity.  Steve’s service and post military life have always trended in defense of the rights protected by our Constitution, and the ultimate pursuit of humanity, compassion.

Steve believes that these rights, protected by the Constitution, are enumerated amongst all people, and exist whether there is a Constitution to protect them or not. He believes these human rights should be protected at all costs by all individuals.

The last few elections have shown the abject flaws of the federal government and have alienated the largest majority shareholder to these rights, you, the individual.
The Libertarian Party has far long been just a thorn in the side of the duopoly but now is the time for the people of Arizona to achieve the unthinkable. A representative state government that promotes the values of individual liberty.
Live your life the way you see fit, so long as you do no harm and force no influence on others.

Join the fight for Arizona’s individual liberties by signing the online petition to get Steve on the ballot for the primary elections on August 2nd, 2022.

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